On-Page SEO

We will make sure that your content is sharp for Google-bots to understand

PageSpeed Improvements

Crack the tough metrics of Core Web Vitals, that is crucial for ranking

Competitor Analysis

Ranking is afterall a relative process. You want to rank ABOVE your competitors

Backlink Creation

This is the Holy Grail of ranking. We will help you buy backlinks.


We will help your brilliant ideas reach your audience.

We will provide you the necessary expertise, to help you grow and retain a happy client base.

You can focus in only the creative part – ideas and content. You should not have to spend precious time on the technicalities of, how to rank and how to maintain that lead.


Get your online Business Roaring & Climbing

Our clients receive remarkable results because we get to help them build their business without compromising their creativity!

We have vital experience in making businesses take off from scratch and thrive and grow and make money.

Offload your SEO concerns to us and sit back and relax.

How to get to Google First Page.?

Think of ranking in the First page as, being the Star of a weekend party.

It will help you understand the steps involved. 🙂

Search Console Auditing

This is like getting an invitation to the party.

Optimizing your site in Search Console is a low-hanging fruit.

Speed Optimization

It is not just enough to look good. You have to somehow enter the party. On Time.!

By optimizing your site speed, you are making sure Google considers you for top ranking.

Keyword Research

It is important to what is the expected dress for the party, ryt.?

Keyword Research is a fancy way of saying, "Know what your customers are searching for".

Link Building

This is like showing you are a VIP in the party. That important people are your friends.

Without backlinks, you will stay in in 5th or 8th page, no matter how good your work is.

On-Site optimization

This is like dressing up well before going to a party.

This is the process making your site coherent and complete.

Google Business Listing

After being star, you want to leave your number so people can invite you again right.?

Getting listed as a business in Google maps is the easiest way to land calls and conversions, and in turn, revenue.

Pay ONLY for what you want

Our Pricing Plans

We have broken down the services into individual packages, so you pay only for what you want.

Popular Choice

Search Console Auditing


For absolute beginnners

  • Get your site indexed by Google
  • Submitting of sitemaps
  • Validation of Structured Data
  • Identify crawl errors
  • Analyze PageSpeed results

Popular Choice

Keyword Research


Identify keywords you should rank for, if you want to make money

  • Tell us your niche and Goals
  • Tell us your current competitors
  • We will give you money-making keywords
  • You can tweak your content for those
  • See spike in meaningful traffic

Popular Choice

On-site optimization

1999for 5 pages

If your web developer hasn't done it

  • Auditing of your website
  • Fixing of Titles, Meta descriptions, internal links, sitemaps
  • Implementation of Breadcrumbs, Structured Data
  • Tweaking / Rewriting content to match keywords.
  • (Requires backend access to your website )

Popular Choice

Speed Optimization


If your PageSpeed analytics is poor

  • Improve Core Web Vitals statistics
  • Gzip compression, CDN implementation
  • CSS optimization
  • Static site generation, if needed
  • Achieve blazing speed

Popular Choice

Link Building


If previous steps are done, go for this

  • 2-Tier Links
  • Wiki & Web 2.0 Links
  • 300 Tier 1 Links
  • 1200 Tier 2 Links
  • 5 keywords
  • 1 URL
  • Google Indexing of Links
  • Report in 7 days

Popular Choice

Google Business Listing


If you have a Store or Office

  • Listing of Business in Google Maps
  • Optimization of listing to stay competitive
  • Get Calls
  • Get directions to Store
  • Get reviews and grow