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E-Commerce is highly competitive  therefore the right strategy and planning is the key to its success.

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I have expertise in offering Organic and Paid Social Media Management services on all Social Handles

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Raj is very professional and almost spoonfeeded me every step involved in the process, I highly recommend him as a SEO Specialist

Jaya Tiwari

He not only helped me take my E-commerce website to the next level but also worked with me to streamline everything. Thnak You RAJ

Priya Singh

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About SEO Specialists and Consultants in India

SEO Specialists or Experts in India are always looking for new and updates which can help them to know about the recent updates in algorithms which are taking place almost every minute.

There is no denial that Optimization has evolved from just Offpage Optimization which focuses on building links from sites like Social Bookmarking sites, Directory Submission sites and Classified Submission sites. These websites have already been noted by Google and are completely ignored by Google while Indexing.

The good news for this is that if your website is linking from spam websites like this without your knowledge worry no more because Google is going to ignore all those harmful or spammy links which are pointing to your website.

I am very proud to be able to help several website owners boost their conversion rates, as an Local SEO specialist in India my job is to offer the best customized strategy to website owners in India which will help them get more visibility in Search Engines and also increase their Organic traffic and help them to get quality and converting visitors to their website.

Every website is different, therefore as an Search Engine Optimization consultant my responsibility is to provide data driven and customized solutions to every client, there is not 1 rule fit all approach in Optimization as different website’s has different targeted customers and compete at different levels, therefore the strategy to be implemented on the website for better optimization always demands a strategy drafted based on the Industry and the high ranking competitors who are already on 1st page og Search Results.

Why Indian Websites need a SEO Consultant

India is filled with individuals who call themselves an Local SEO Expert whereas the truth is that an SEO expert never claims for such a title as we know that to be an SEO Expert one needs to know all the tricks involved in the process which is till date unknown. One of the most popular expert in the Industry know to me is the founder of Backlinko Brian Dean, he is an Internationally recognized SEO Expert with decades of experience to deliver to his clients. A very popular article on SEO published in enlists a comprehensive list of 7 statements which should not be said by any SEO Consultant.

If a website owner hire’s a Local SEO Expert for Indian website who claims to know all the best practices, let me tell you that what works today might not work tomorrow, Search Engines like Google always keep it in dark about the factors which actually impact the rankings.

If an SEO Professional says that SEO is all that your website Needs

Its not true, to be successful a website needs all the channels to work alongside each other, if a website is doing good Organically for sometime but the quality of content is not good then it will not take long for that website to see a major pat on the back and a sharp decline in traffic. Therefore inclining completely on SEO is not the right approach. To be genuine a website should try to offer value to its readers or visitors.

He/She knows all Link Building Tactics required for Offpage Optimization

Unnatural links are already under the radar of major Search Engines, if you rely on somebody to build backlinks for your website think again. Google keeps a close eye on websites which try to manipulate the ranking algorithm by spamming backlinks. In this type of practice the websites which are receiving the links might get a Boost in some metrics but in the long run the website will end up being penalized by Search Engines.

My Clients ask me to get them Page 1 rankings in 1 month

I don’t work with clients who show this approach, I certainly don’t know how the algorithm works I can only assist in drafting the best suitable strategy which is backed up by data based on what worked and what has not worked in the past, therefore I cannot promise page 1 rankings for a website no matter how much the client is willing to pay because at the end of the term I will have a unhappy client who will tighten every bolt to jeopardize my reputation as a referral.

So What is an SEO Specialist?

In my words an SEO Specialist or SEO Consultant is that one person who is your online advocate and this one person who should consult with before making any change on your website because when you start thinking that doing this will have almost no effect in your SEO then remember a small tweak in your robots.txt file can remove your whole website from Search Engines.

What Tools Do I Use as an SEO Consultant to offer Services to my Indian Clients

I discover new tools very frequently but I am personally a fan of all of them but I would like to give a shout out to Screaming frog Site Crawler, this tool is very beneficial when on boarding a new campaign as it shows me all the errors on the website starting from Duplicate titles to 404 Internal links which is a life saver and it also helps me have a good impression on clients.

Google Analytics deserves a shout out, this is like the drawing board which I use to observe, track and analyze all the website’s traffic and this helps me the freedom to customize the data in the way I want so that I can derive meaningful insights from it and put that into the campaign strategy.

I also want to mention SEMrush Online Visibility Measuring Tool which is a combination of various awesome tools, this helps me check he live status of the website and offers additional tools like Backlink Audits, Top keywords a website is ranking for etc.

Below are few more tools I use on a Daily Basis:-

Google Tag Manager, Woo Rank, Ahrefs (Focused on Backlinks), Whitespark, Yext, Moz, Crazy Egg, Google Data Studio, Google Webmasters/Search Console

If you are looking for an SEO Specialist who is professional in approach and help you walk through the process and ensure the best approach is applied to your campaign’s strategy then you can drop me a email or message.

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