On Site SEO

On-Site optimization is the next crucial link in Google Ranking. After knowing what your users are searching for, it is time to sculpt your page to look relevant to that query. Targeting Users and Bots The first important part is to write great content focused around the selected keywords. The conte...
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Keyword Research

Once you have the site up, and submitted to Google for indexing, the first step in SEO begins. Keywords – Google’s Language Google thinks in terms of Keywords. It is Google’s language. When you want Google to understand something, you have speak in its language. Why.? Because Googl...
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Search Console Auditing

The first step with getting traffic via Google is to be seen by Google. Let us say, you have created a website, either yourself, or via a hired web developer. Your site is live, and you can access it by typing the address in the browser. Does that mean Google knows about your site.? The […]...
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