Keyword Research

Once you have the site up, and submitted to Google for indexing, the first step in SEO begins.

Keywords – Google’s Language

Google thinks in terms of Keywords. It is Google’s language.

When you want Google to understand something, you have speak in its language.


Because Google is standing in between the millions of users who are searching for something, and the thousands of websites who have the answers to these.

To match the two parties, Google’s answer is keyword.

Does this website has what this user is asking.? Is this a relevant answer to that query.?

To understand that, Google scans your website to see if your website has content that overlaps with what the user is asking.

And remember, Google is a computer, not a human. It does not have the intelligence of a human ( as of yet 🙂 ).

So, to understand a page, it relies on the frequency and context of the keywords, to rank the relevance of a page.

Why Keyword Research is important.?

It seems all easy right.? So why are we making a big deal about Keyword Research.?


Remember, Google ranking is a race. You have to do what your competitors are doing, and do it better.

Your competitors are spending resources to find which keywords are in demand, which keywords have revenue potential, which keywords are a waste of time, etc. And optimising their content to suit these information.

So, if you don’t do this, you will be hidden in 7th or 20th page of the Google Search.

That is where we come in. We have access to tools, costly tools, that let us tell you what are the keywords you should focus on, and what you should optimize for.

That is a minimum requirement, to convert your content into something that your customers will get to see. Instead of being buried in Google results.

Keyword Research and On-Page SEO

The next step in SEO – On Page optimization or On Site optimization depends on Keywords.

Only after identifying the keywords, you can set out to sculpt your page.

Be it choosing your titles, writing your site summary, or planning for ads, Keyword Research is the bar minimum to start your SEO journey.

Imagine Keywords as the rails, on which your SEO train runs.

If your rails are weak, your train will go nowhere.

So, go ahead and start laying down your rails, and start your SEO Journey.

Keyword Research


Identify keywords you should rank for, if you want to make money

  • Tell us your niche and goals
  • Tell us your current competitors
  • We will give you money-making keywords
  • You can tweak your content for those
  • See spike in meaningful traffic

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