With LOCAL SEO I can help your business to get more leads in your area and build more awareness of your store or Brand within the targeted location

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Do you want more local business leads?

If yes then you need local SEO!

More than 70% of the customers when they need something maybe a product or service they reach out to smartphone and do a search within search engines like Google, after the search the customers get a list of potential businesses which can help you connect with the customers right when they’re searching for the type of service you are offering with the help of local search engine optimization or local SEO.

SEO magic helps you to build and increase the local presence for your business within the vicinity or geographcal area of the business. We are a team of professionals with Decades of experience in helping local businesses increase their conversions with the help of digital Leverage.

Following are some of the tactics we use to increase the local presence of the business :-

Google my business optimization

Google my business optimization has been underrated for a while now but we can help you to increase the number of calls or the number of website visits being generated from your Google Business listing. Google my business is very crucial for local SEO we ensure that your Google by business listing is completely optimize with proper optimized descriptions the services has been added to the listing along with the areas where the business is currently providing the products or services.

Citation building and NAP syndication

Citation building is a process where we list the local business on all the relevant industry-specific directories for example if we are building Citation for a plumber then we start creating new listings for the plumber business on local directories such as Yelp ot Justdial. It is also very important the in NAP which is the name address and phone number of the business is consistent in all the listings which are currently live for the business we have a team who are experts in creating new listings for the customers.

Competition analysis

This is no different than Global SEO. In this tactic we analyze the strategy and tactics applied by the competitors within the industry and try to replicate something similar and better in our local SEO strategy, while doing the competition analysis we always ensure that we are only analyzing the websites who are currently on the top of the search results this helps us get hands on he actionable and working tactics familiar to the specific type of industry.

The benefits local SEO services

We can help you bring more leads to your business with the help of queries generted in Google, Yahoo and Bing search engines. As a measuement of ROI you will notive that the number of phone calls number of websites are increasing significantly. Local SEO increases your local visibility by which your listing will appear more frequently in front of your potential customers Local social media, this will ensure that the strategy applied to your social media strategy is also aligned with the local SEO strategy. We also ensure that your business has mentions within the popular blogwithin the targeted areas or within the relevant industry bloggers The strategies which will be applied is different for every client, there’s no one rule fit all process that works for everyone.

What is local SEO

Local SEO which helps to increase the visibility of your local business for the geographical and service related searches in search engines or local directories. Local SEO helps increase your business or the digital visibility and outrank your local competitors by increasing the organic traffic to your website and also increase the number of phone calls from your Google my business listing and get more qualified leads

How can you tell if you are right business for doing local SEO

  • You have a local business
  • You have a business which serves in a particular geographical area
  • You have a franchisee business
  • You want more leads within the geographical area your business is currently serving
  • You want to build presence across the popular industry directories
  • You want your company or business to show up in Google Maps or local pack
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