On Site SEO

On-Site optimization is the next crucial link in Google Ranking.

After knowing what your users are searching for, it is time to sculpt your page to look relevant to that query.

Targeting Users and Bots

The first important part is to write great content focused around the selected keywords.

The content should primarily be of value to a customer – either informationally or transactionally.

Once that goal is achieved, then focus should shift to re-arranging your content such that, the Google Bot ALSO sees the value of your content.

This involves understanding the philosophy of human behavior.

Impressing People

When we search for something and start scrolling through the results, we do a quick scanning of the titles, and the 2 lines of summary that Google gives – all taking less than 5 seconds – before we click on a result.

So, our content should be just like that – impress them in less than a second.!

That is why you should make effort in presenting your content in a concise and sharp manner, so that Google picks up and shows the relevant passages to the user.

This involves the use of many HTML elements and JavaScript tags, to make Google see, what we want it to see.

Impressing Google

But, there is a much more difficult step before that.

Impressing people becomes relevant only if we are shown in the first page of search results.

But to reach the first page, we need to impress Google first. About our content.

That is where Content Writing and Domain Authority comes in.

Spend time and money in writing great, lengthy content about the topic you are dedication the page to.

Google loves long content, and to some extent length correlates with expertise.

Plus, the authority of your website becomes an important factor. Great content from a high ranked website ranks higher than great content from low ranked website.

Domain authority is a long process taking months to build, so start now itself.!

Where do we come in.?

At the moment, we are not doing content writing.

It is your domain, and you are the experts of your content.

But what we will do is, once you have the content to impress Google, we make sure your content presented in a way to impress Google AND people.

By optimizing the dozen-odd factors like Titles, meta-descriptions, images, subheadings, word count using 3rd party tools, we will make sure your Click-through-Ratio remains high.

On-site Optimization


Chose this if your web developer hasn’t done it

  • Auditing of your website
  • Fixing of Titles, Meta descriptions, internal links, sitemaps
  • Implementation of Breadcrumbs, Structured Data
  • Tweaking / Rewriting content to match keywords.
  • (Requires backend access to your website )



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