Speed Optimization

There was a time when only keywords mattered.

Then content became importnant.

With the advent of smartphones, bulk of the search moved from computers to smartphones.

And Google too shifted its focus to mobile experience,


Nowadays, Google is clearly saying, that a site should not just have relevant content, built around pertinent keywords, but also shud be able to load fast in a mobile browser over a cellular connection.

In other words, the browsing experience is a high priority now.

There are 2 bottlenecks to achieve a smooth mobile browsing of your site.

One is to reduce the size of files needed to load your website. Another is to make sure they are loaded in the correct order, so that the site is loaded instantly, without lag.

This is a technically demanding proces, which varies in difficulty based on

  • Software platofrm you are using
  • CDNs you are using
  • Cachig strategies you are using

It requires knowledge about CSS, javascript etc alongwith ability to tweak server configuration.c.

Minimise – Compress

Most of the time will be spent in identifying unused bits of CSS and javascript code that don’t add anything of value to your site.

After identifying such unused bits, they will be safely removed form your code, to ensure that your users download a small size of code to display your site.

Equally important is rhe need to compress image files to improve PageSped.

We provide you multi-sptep optimisation in making sure your website loads blazing fast, and performs great with respect to Google metrics like FCP, CLS etc.


Speed Optimization


Chose this if your PageSpeed analytics is poor

  • Improve Core Web Vitals statistics
  • Gzip compression, CDN implementation
  • CSS optimization
  • Static site generation, if needed
  • Achieve blazing speed

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